SXFlood Viewer Quick Start
  • CLick here to download the viewer. After downloaded, please unzip it.
  • Run the SX Flood Viewer!
    • On Windows: Run the file sxflood.exe
    • On Linux: Open a terminal and cd to the viewer folder, run the file ./sxflood
    Please run this command if viewer doesn't pop up viewer: sudo apt-get install -y libatomic1
  • Copy and paste this your token to the viewer . Select your exchange type (eg. Youtube) and exchange target (eg. View) and then click Start to the button. ( Like, sub and comment features will be available in the near future )
  • With keyword search and multi profile feature you need to add at least 5 gmail before starting, if you add 20 gmail or more, you will be rewarded with 10% more coins, same ip you can run upto 5 devices
  1. 1.
    Create Profile : Click on create profile, then login to your gmail account
  2. 2.
    Import From ails : This is an auto create profile feature, you can enter multiple gmails in the format: gmail;password;recover_mail one line per gmail and press create, the system will automatically create profiles for you
Items 3 4 and 5 are used to test keywords before adding it to the campaign
3. Test search keyword : Enter the keyword you want to check here
4. Video ID : Most shared video links from Youtube will look like this:{video_id} - example :
97pXmznShZk is the ID
5. Pages : number of scrolls to search for videos with the above keyword
hen click search and try it with the above keyword, to search anonymously you can create a profile and don't login gmail, then test, after the test is done delete that profile and start the viewer normally
6. Token : After setting up the profile, enter token key here, it will be found here
7. Notes : Note for session management if you run multiple devices with the same ip
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